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Dunckley Colorado Townsite - Ghost town

Photos courtesy Mike Sinnwell June 2009

I stopped and asked the land owner if I could see some of the old town. He was gracious enough to show me around and to point out some of the old homesteads. The old post office got pushed over the side of the cliff a couple years ago to make room for a hay stack. The porch on the two story house that was a homestead is gone. Many buildings fallen down but several homesteads in good condition nearby. Sheep roam the area and of course a few marmots around as well. Can you find the marmot in the picture?

Nice area but if you see the sign that reads " Road may be impassible when wet" I suggest you believe it. I read the sign, I figured perhaps a couple water crossings. Nothing that my Jeep Rubicon could not handle. After a few miles I realized my mistake. It is not the water crossings that are a problem. It is the slippery, snotty, mud that is on the roads. I made it but in that stuff you basically let the mud take you where it wants to take you and hope that it is on the road. This is definitely a fall road for aspen viewing.