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Gleeson AZ  Ghost Town

Photos Courtesy Mike Sinnwell March 2011

Originally called camp Turquoise because this area was used by the Indians to gather decorative Turquoise.  When the prospectors came they discovered copper, silver and lead. Later on things changed when Jimmie Pearce found gold in 1894. The townsite was moved from the hills near the mines to the flats and close to water. Gleeson’s post office opened in 1894 and closed in 1939.

The town probably got it’s name from John Gleeson a prospector that filed claims in the area.  If you have historic photos, articles etc please contact them.  See the sign in the slide show for the contact number.

Sunday March 6th 2016

Gleeson & Pearce jails are NOW OPEN  

I thought you might want to put it on the pages on your wonderful site. They are both planning on being open the first Saturday of every month. I was just there this past Saturday & they were indeed open.