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Gold Hill Colorado Ghost Town

Photos Mike Sinnwell 2002

The Hotel was built in 1873. Gold Hill was the 1st permanent mining town in the Colorado Mountains. Gold was discovered here in 1859 and because of the numerous claim jumpers the Gold Hill area organized a mountain district with "Gold Hill Laws" in July of 1859. At that time the state of Colorado did not exist. Interestingly any male or female the age of 16 or older could vote and the residence requirements required that you be living there for all of 10 days. In the 1930s the mines began to close.

Local Humor  “An appropriate color for a house in Gold Hill Colorado.”  And “Stupid dogs”

A reader writes - We were out with a 4 wheel drive a few summers ago and accidentally came upon Gold Hill. I was amazed! I did not know there were still dirt roads and one/or two room school houses left in America. I wanted to STAY! What an incredible town with kind and friendly people!

A resident writes - Thanks for all of your kind words about Gold Hill.  We've lived here a long time and enjoy reading the comments from all of your fans.  Besides the incredible clean air, the magnificent hiking and the beauty of this place, our community is what keeps us here.  We really know each other and we value our relationships with our neighbors.  Cocooning in the modern 21st century doesn't exist here.  It's party central when the Inn opens in summer, but then again, you already know that.  Enjoy your visit!