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St Elmo Colorado Ghost Town

Photos Mike Sinnwell 4-2005 and 8-2008

This is one of Colorado's most visited and best preserved Ghost Towns. Would you believe the first strikes in this area were made by a Doctor and a prospector that had something in common. They had both been attack by a grizzly bear and they both wore their hair long to cover up a missing ear.

I took several hundred photos as there is that much to see and record.

A viewer writes Sunday, January 10, 2010 - Hi. Meant to thank you a million times for your splendid pics of Colorado.  My body is in Fl. but my heart is there! Had a heart-stopping experience in St. Elmo's circa 1984. Upper campground was new and only 2 campers that night. After supper my husband said "let's get out of here early, this place is creepy". I felt an overwhelming sadness over all, but did not say so and was glad to hear his comment. Then the other campers asked if we had been to the graveyard. We did not know of it, but went in the AM as it was very close. SO sad! Many infants and children. Doubtless we felt the "thought forms" from the grief and bitterness, of so many hard lives.  We spoke to the woman who ran the store and stayed at St. Elmo through the winter. Her jeep had a plow and she went down daily to drive the school bus in Buena Vista, I believe.  Thanks again.