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Steins NM Townsite - Ghost town

Photos Courtesy of Mike Sinnwell March 2011

Probably a couple hundred photos here. Starts with inside the buildings and then outside.

I was corrected when I mispronounced the name of this town. I was told, “You mean Steens.” Yep I said.  Named after Captain Enoch Stein who was an army officer fighting the Apache Wars. Originally, because of the threat of Apache attacks, it was called “Doubtful Canyon”.

A stagecoach route between San Antonio and San Diego passed nearby in 1857 and then in 1858 the Butter Field Overland stage road came to town. In 1860 the town was established when the Railroad arrived. The railroad kept it alive and so did the post office from 1888 through 1944.

Finally I get beyond the fence. Big THANKS to Melissa for the guided tour and her generous offer to take all the photos I wanted. You can contact her through her web site -  Her name is Melissa Lamoree.  She is the oldest grandchild of Larry and Linda Link.  She reopened the site for visitors starting in May 2012.