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Toonerville Colorado Townsite - Ghost town

Photos Courtesy of Mike Sinnwell September 2009

Sometimes just the name of an old ghost town makes we want to go there. Toonerville is one of those places. Originally name Red Rock it was changed to Toonerville after the popular comic strip of the day, "The Toonerville Trolley". this all happened somewhere in the 1930's before the dust bowl claimed the town.

Soon we had Toonerville Toots, for the Ladies, Toonerville Folks, for everyone else and a Tonnerville Trolley for the train that went through town. It was a lively town with Baseball games, dances, rodeos, and potluck suppers. They even had mock trials and mock town meetings.

Little is left but foundations, car parts, the usual metal, an outhouse and an interesting device made out of two car hoods welded together. The church stands for visitors to see today. I think I heard some music while I was taking pictures.