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Vulture City Arizona Townsite - Ghost town

   Photos courtesy of Mike and Joan Sinnwell 2006

After taking over 300 photos it was hard to sort these down to a few for the web page. Plenty to see in this ghost town. It is not a freebie as the caretaker charges to tour the site. Very enjoyable and for those of you in AZ you should certainly visit the site. I suggest waiting till it cools off a little.

See if you can find the "Pink" rattlesnake I almost stepped on when I tried to get into one of the buildings. Or maybe Can you find the ghost poem? How about the mysterious tricycle?

See if you can find the ironwood "Hanging Tree". Supposedly 19 men were hung from the tree. Numerous holdups, robberies etc took place with gold shipments. Wells Fargo even suspended picking up the gold and hauling it out because their losses were so heavy. Named after the vultures that help Henry find the mine. Too bad he lost it all and ended up blowing his brains out broke and destitute.

A viewer writes - Friday, January 28, 2011 ----  We are VMPRA a 501c3 and we need your help to save the Vulture mine near Wickenburg AZ. If we operated this like a chain letter where if one was to donate just $10 and the got there friends to just keep passing it along we could save this part of western history. The vulture was used in the filming of the movie The Graves and was featured on the travel channel Ghost Adventures. You can check us out and send us a donation or become a member. Thank You.

Rocky Says - I just visited in March of 2011. What a difference 5 years have made on the structures. They are decaying fast. Any help you can give to save and restore these buildings is appreciated.

A viewer writes - Tuesday, May 03, 2011 -- I just stumbled upon your site and am grateful for the pictures, etc. - especially of the Vulture Mine. I grew up in AZ and went on many trips with my family to places like Wickenburg's Vulture Mine (they used to have a large pit by the visitor center where they collected all the snakes that were caught - I saw them put in the one I almost stepped on), and Jerome (which might make a good addition to your site - it's been kind of an "on and off" ghost town over the years).  I seem to remember the Vulture Mine used to be a "state sponsored park" or something like that - is that no longer the case? Some ideas for future inclusion: There are some areas around Globe and Bisbee that might qualify as more recent "ghost towns". I also seem to remember a lot of small towns along the route between Tucson, Globe, and the White Mountains, as well as along the route from Phoenix, through Payson, to the White Mountains (up the Mogollon Rim way).  I now live in MN, and really miss trekking around in the desert looking at ghost towns.