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Ward Colorado Town site - Ghost town

Photos courtesy of Joan Sinnwell August 2005

The first time I visited Ward I thought that I had stepped back into the 60's. No, not the 1860's when the town was founded but the1960's. The place was filled with Volkswagen buses, Volvo's and school busses painted with flower power and peace symbols. The place has changed, a little.

Ward has a Catholic church. Unfortunately it has been converted to a garage. Guess the Catholics have to go to the other church in town. Most of the buildings burned in a fire in the early 1900's. The Columbia Hotel is unique in that it was built to match the layout of the streets and the hillside. The first time I saw it I was sure something was wrong. The town is on a beautiful hillside at about 9,000 feet.

A reader writes - I liked the pictures of WARD COLORADO and the old cars there. I live near Ft. Collins and I bought a 1950 Studebaker from a guy in Ward. We have done a total restoration on it and would like to send him a picture. He was still mining in that area and want to send him a picture. Bill, if you read this I lost your number but will check back for a reply. Rick & Sue

A viewer writes - I'm from Belgium and I have friends up in Ward. It's so nice to see a site that mention something about that little place in the mountains. I lost my hart there! If you go and visit, don't forget to say hi in the Mill Site Inn, a native bar where I had a great time with my best friends. To bad that a plane ticket is so expensive but whenever I can I go back there! Soraya,

A viewer writes - Sunday, July 31, 2011 -- It was nice seeing pictures of Ward.  I grew up here and seeing some of the places me and my brothers and sisters played bring back some wonderful memories.  I sure do miss those carefree times!  Rick