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Wilds Colorado Town site - Ghost town

Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell August 2005

Everyone thought he was crazy. Until he proved you could make plaster out of gypsum. Interesting that the only thing remaining is the mansion he built in 1900. I always wondered about this place and then when I found it I meet Steve Wild. One of the ancestors of Alfred Wild who founded the town of Wilds. Steve was gracious enough and allowed me to wonder freely all over the grounds. THANKS Steve.     

Many Flowers, berries, and fruit trees are on the land. It is obvious that someone planted lot's of trees as the variety is unusual for the area.

I did not find anything of the town with the exception of what looks to be the foundations and parts of the walls from an old mill.. As a mater of fact the old town site has been turned into a housing development. The town sat to the west and south right below the Devils Backbone and the arch or peep hole in the backbone. Thus the name Peep O Day was given to the place. Today the remaining lands and mansion are part of a Bed and Breakfast called Wild Lane.