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Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell November 2009.

Fort Laramie Wyoming site and ruins.  Wyoming Townsite - Ghost town

Plenty to see at this site. Best you plan to spend several hours. Joan and I are going back for a picnic including some wine.

This fort started out serving the fur traders in the 1834 - 1835 time period. Eventually the Military saw the importance of the location and bought the fort. The military occupied the fort from 1849 to 1890 and during that time made significant changes to the fort. When you drive up it is easy to see how this fort was strategic to fur traders, trappers, Native Americans, Emigrants, the Oregon trail, the California trail, the pony express, the gold seekers and of course the sturdy pioneer men, women and children of America. Several peace conferences were even held here.

Don't miss Old Bedlam, the ruins of the hospital, the barracks, the Captains Quarters, The salon, the guardhouse and please view the artifacts in every building. Some have theorized that the name, "Old Bedlam" arose from the activities of the young officers when the building was used as the Bachelors Officers Quarters. Many claim that Old Bedlam is the oldest standing building in the state.