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Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell 2005

Frisco Utah Ghost town

I am sure some of you are wondering why I picked Frisco as a Ghost Town to see. Two reasons,

The graveyard has numerous Sackett tombstones. Being a Louis L’Amour fan and having read all his Sackett books I had to see this place.

Two friends of Butch Cassidy, Tom McCarty and Matt Warner spent an evening in Frisco before the marshal, Bally Sackett grabbed their outfits and waited for them to return from drinking. Unfortunately for Bally Sackett the outlaws got wind of the plan and snuck out of town on foot.

This group, Butch, Tom and Matt are the ones that robbed the San Miguel National Bank in Telluride Colorado in June of 1889. This bank robbery started the career of Butch Cassidy.