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Photos by Joan and Mike Sinnwell September 2012

Garnet MT Ghost Town

In 1898 Garnet was a booming gold camp. Perhaps as many as 1,000 people lived in the area along with 13 Saloons, 4 stores, 4 hotels, 3 livery stables, a DR’s office, a candy store and of course an assay office. The Newlywed house was unique in Garnet. Frank Davey, a store owner, offered one of the old miners cabin to newlyweds until they could erect their own home. Garnet thrived until about 1905 and when the census was taken in 1910 only 150 residents were recorded. As in many mountain towns fire struck in 1912 and destroyed much of the town. By 1920 Garnett was a ghost town. Today THANKS to the BLM it is being preserved for future generations to enjoy.  At least 25 buildings or more still remain. Many that contain artifacts and you are free to enter and roam around.

This was a very picturesque site. Much to see and enjoy. We took almost 1,000 pictures at the site and spent much of one day here. It was difficult attempting to find a few to post to give an idea what you will see. I drove up Bear Gulch to get to Garnet. A drive well worth the extra time if you have a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle. Numerous old cabins, foundations tailings etc to see, along with some beautiful views.