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The Nuts in the Nursing Home

On a recent visit to a nursing home Kate's friend Julie got bored. She and her brother were getting tired of all the talking and sitting as they went with their parents to visit a relative in the nursing home.  They spotted a bowl of peanuts across the room and decided to try a few. The peanuts started to taste good, so the kids ate every one of them.

Just after they finished off the last of the peanuts Julies dad said, “Well it is time to head home so you kids come along now”.

Julie was feeling guilty about eating all the peanuts and felt she should apologize. Her brother had no such ideas.  Julie looked across the room of sad faces of the people and announced, “I am sorry, but the peanuts tasted so good I couldn’t help but eat them all. If you want, I can get you some more.”

That is when an elderly gentleman spoke up by saying, “Don’t worry about it Hon, I don’t like those peanuts anyway after I suck all the chocolate off them.”

Julie felt sick all the way home.