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Bandelier Ruins New Mexico - Ghost town

Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell 2008

This was a nice winter trip. Stopped in late February on my way to Arizona. Not many visitors but according to the Park Rangers the best time to visit for colors and the fewest visitors is late fall. I can easily see why. Don't forget to climb the ladders to the top and then inspect the Kiva. Take your time getting there as well. Plenty to see along the way. I thought the drive along the Jemez River was peaceful and relaxing.

The ruins are situated in a steep and narrow canyon. Plenty of hiking trails, 70 miles worth, interpretive stops and ladders that have been reconstructed so you can climb and peek inside the ruins. While I was there I saw many of the younger generation, (read young-uns) enjoying the climbs. I remember taking children to other ruins and the major complaint for them was the inability to climb in and around on the ruins. At least here they can have that experience. This is especially true if you take the hike to Alcove House where they can climb up 140 feet using a series of 4 wooden ladders. I did it and thought it was a real treat to see the Ceremonial Cave.