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Little Snake River Museum Savery WY

Photos Mike Sinnwell 2016

Surprise !!! I was not looking for this place, I did not know it existed. When I drove by it I had to turn around and stop to enjoy. If you are ever near here you should stop also. Take the self guided tour and enjoy things at your leisure. Don’t forget to drop a bit in the donation bucket. These people deserve it for what they have accomplished.

At least 17 buildings on the site. Many historic cabins, houses, replica store fronts, and artifacts galore. The old school house is now the museum.   Perhaps the most famous cabin is that of Jim Baker the Mountain Man. This cabin found plenty of different uses from 1873 to 1917. A home, a trading post, and a fort to name a few. Jim Baker die in the cabin in 1893. The Dixon Street Replica provides a view of some store fronts, a nice bar, several autos and a fire truck. And oh yes, don’t forget to see the airplane and the old Crosley. Read the letter on the side window as it tells a story.