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Glory Hole Colorado

Photos Summer 2006

I have wanted to see this for a long time. Finally a dream realized. This area was supposedly the richest square mile on earth. It got it's name during 1860's and the days when the glory hole was giving up all its gold. For a sense of the size of this Glory Hole  click on the last picture. It will provide a perspective. I took that shot standing on the edge of the hole. Actually laying down on my stomach as I did not want to stand on the very edge.

You ask why? - According to stories told, in 1977 a gentleman was visiting the site and sat down to eat his lunch on the edge of the hole. He pulled out his lunch and his drink and then suddenly the earth swallowed him up. Five days later they recovered his body. Or maybe it was the story of the two men and a pickup truck that were not found for nine years. Dangerous area. Plenty of old shafts and tunnels to fall into.