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Mosquito Pass Colorado

There once was a town called Mosquito. Supposedly it got it's name in a strange way. It seems the miners could not decide on a name so they closed the ledger and went home to think about it. When they next met, the secretary opened the ledger and found a smashed mosquito in the blank spot they had left for the towns name. They all agreed they should call the town Mosquito. Lot's of interesting things to see if you come in from Alma. Buckskin Joe's, an arrastra, and an interesting cemetery.

If you think you have a tough job you should consider what Father Dyer did when he strapped on 11 foot long homemade snow skis so he could carry the mail over this 13,180 foot pass in the winter time. He carried the mail from Buckskin Joe to California gulch. He also carried gold and a pack easily weighing over 25 pounds.  

I attempted to get over this pass in my jeep for four years before I finally made it. Snowed in most of the time. Not for the faint of heart and certainly a 4x4 road.

A viewer writes - Hey, Rocky! Great pics of the wonderful state of Colorado and Mosquito pass. I have been to the top from Leadville quite a few times but have never been able to make it down the east side because of snow. I will keep trying though! Keep up the good work on the website!

A viewer writes - February 15, 2009 - I loved going over mosquito pass every weekend we were there even moved to alma for 8 months to be near it will be back someday to spend more time there great pics brings back some awesome memories thanks!

A viewer writes - August 2009 - Reading your entry on Mosquito Pass in Colorado leads me to reminisce about a time in my life when I was much younger and much less intelligent!  In the summer of 1993, I was vacationing in Summit County with a female friend.  We had driven out there in a Toyota Camry from Memphis, TN.  I had been out the area many times before and was very familiar with the lore surrounding Mosquito Pass, but had never even tried to conquer it.  Well, this time, I was up for the challenge!  So, on a typically beautiful sunny summer day, we started from Leadville and headed up the our Toyota Camry!  Needless to say, we did not make it far until we heard a horrible noise underneath the car followed by some odd smells and smoke.  After our car was towed to Denver to a Toyota service center, we were told that we essentially ripped out part of the transmission.  It was rebuilt, and we safely made it back to Memphis in just a few days.  Despite this occurence, I still long to make the journey over Mosquito Pass one time, I will bring a jeep!!

A viewer writes - August 2009 - I'm a flatlander from Iowa, but have been over Mosquito Pass twice from the Leadville side,but was stopped by a good size rock from the Alma side, also been over Engineer Pass 4 times, Cinnamon, Oprah and Hancock once. I really enjoy your pictures, nice work. Gerald, Urbandale, Iowa