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Boston Colorado Ghost town

A project in Leadville brought me close to this ghost town. I got to Leadville a day early to make sure I could see this site. It was well worth the trip.

Boston was a mining town located in Mayflower Gulch in the Ten Mile range. I took the jeep trail in and after a little over mile it opens to a great view. Like you are standing in a bowl and surrounded by mountains and skies. Numerous hikers were there, and it was mid-week. I can see why as everything was sporting fall colors.

Apparently as late as the 1980s they mined for gold here, maybe if the price gets to $2000 an ounce I will come back with my metal detector. (if I find out that it is legal).

For those of you interested maybe this youtube video is better. Only 30 seconds long. Click here  Please forgive me it was a first attempt.