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Fort Verde Arizona Ghost Town

Photo courtesy of Mike Sinnwell May 2010

I have driven by this Fort on Numerous occasions. I finally decided to stop to stretch my legs and see what was here. Nice surprise. Several structures have been reconstructed and filled with period articles. These include the Surgeons quarters, the Commanding Officers quarters and the Bachelors Officers quarters. The buildings are furnished and take on the feeling of the forts significance and hardships.

Not sure I would have liked being a striker at this Fort. Striker being the enlisted man that was chosen by the Commanding officers wife to do the cooking and household chores. That also included being a nursemaid for the children. Well, maybe the extra $5 per month was worth it back then.

I wondered where they got the building materials for the place as trees are pretty scare in the area. It was constructed to support the Indian wars of 1870s and 1880s. The fort is located at milepost Zero on the General Crook Trail. The milepost is in the photos below.