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Hugo helps a stranger and they get some heartfelt THANKS.

Visitor input May 29th 2016 - ---August 22, 1964 - On that day, a terrible car accident killed my Dad, Dale Stufflebeam. My Mom, brother & I were taken to the Hugo Hospital - the ambulance from Denver was unable to get out of traffic there. The emergency doctor, Dr Skirenzey (probably misspelled) took care of my Mom (Alma Stufflebeam). He stitched up the cuts on her face and knees but didn't clean her up otherwise. She was in critical condition and was not expected to live through the night - but she did. She also was not expected to ever walk again, but she did. She passed away August 17, 2001. She often talked about the little hospital and the people of your town. Everyone was very kind. This meant a lot to us.

I stumbled onto this site as I was looking for information on the hospital. It looks as though you no longer have a hospital. I would love it if someone has pictures or pieces of history on this little hospital. If not, I would still like to thank everyone in the town for the care you gave my family on that day. God bless!

A followup


THANKS for visiting my site. I appreciate the visits. Later today I will post your comments on the Hugo page and in the guest book. There still is a hospital in Hugo. Here is a link for it.  Not sure if it is the same one or not.  THANKS for the great note for others to see. I appreciate it.

 Michael J. Sinnwell


It does look like the same hospital. There was so much going on at the time, that I didn't really pay much attention to my surroundings. My Mom always wanted to go back just to see the doctor who took care of her and show him that God still is in the miracle business. She never forgot anyone that helped us through that time. I don't know if you still have old records of that day, but if you do and have the time to look up to see who was on duty back then, please let them know that I pray daily for everyone & thank God that you were there to help us. Take care! May God bless all of you!


Then a response from Dee Ann Blevins in Hugo

Hi Linda and other readers,
The hospital and nursing home still operate and provide a great service here in Hugo, Colorado. I don't have any current photos to post. Dr. H.J. Scarinzi passed away December 31, 2015. He was a great man!

The hospital was a dream that started in 1946. Not until 1959 did the hospital open with 13 beds. My father, Creighton Osborne, along with many others, was involved with the work and fund-raising. It has continued to grow and expand to meet the medical needs of Lincoln County and Eastern Colorado. We have on-call doctors for the emergency room, a helicopter based here, specialty clinics, therapy facilities, and hospice. We are very proud that the 70 year-old-dream was kept alive and continues to serve this rural area so well!

And a final note from Linda.

Thanks, Dee, for the information. Wish I had checked sooner on Dr. Scarinzi, I would have sent him a personal card thanking him for being there that day is 1964. My Mom never forgot him & neither will I. God bless all of you! Your friend always! Linda Stufflebeam Langgin