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Masonville Colorado Town site - Ghost town

Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell August 2005

Masonville still has a sense of humor as you can see by some of the photos.

A gold rush, that never really materialized, is what caused Masonville to be founded in the early 1890's. Speculation was high but actual results were less than spectacular. The rumors were so strong that it is said a preacher in Greeley told his parishioners that he was leaving right after the services to go  "hunt his honey" in Masonville. He also told the parishioners to leave on Monday so he would have a head start.

A viewer writes - Tuesday, January 24, 2012 --  Happy Hollow Colorado ghost town --  Hi there! I love the site. I am wondering if you have any knowledge of a ghost town within 12 miles of Masonville, CO. It would have been established in 1868, but went bust shortly after. Later on, three families struck gold less than 100 yards from the original townsite. They hauled their ore to Masonville.

 Anyway, your site is so in depth, I thought I would ask to see if you have any knowledge of this Happy Hollow. It is on a private ranch, and I purchased some trinkets salvaged from a fallen down blacksmith shop on the site. Trying to locate more history on the town, photos, etc.   Thanks a million!   Cheers   M

Rocky says - Nope but that is not the first one I never heard of. I did send you some hints on how to research.