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Virginia Dale Colorado Ghost Town  Actually a stage stop

Photos Mike Sinnwell

Jake Slade was the first station master and a notorious outlaw. It is claimed he once killed a man, cut off his ears, nailed one ear on a corral post and used the other one for a watch fob. He eventually got hung by vigilantes in Montana. I wonder why?

A reader writes - Hello: I was at the Virginia Dale Stage stop yesterday(022207).We obtained permission from the fellow next door to take some photos. That was nice of him and what a beautiful area. We were a little confused about access to the property and the road getting to it(43F?). As I understand as long as you stay on the county dirt road up to the site you are OK, after the cattle guard it is private property. We signed the quest book and appreciated the opportunity to visit such a well preserved place of history. Thanks for your web site, I enjoy it. Steve-Greeley CO

Rocky Updates. - I was fortunate enough to get a chance to go inside and meet Mark Twain. Nice guy but wouldn't let me snap any photos of him. Got some pictures of the inside. Take a peek and see if you can find the bullet hole. Mark claims it was from an attempted robbery.

Rocky Updates -- If you would like to visit this site please contact the Virginia Dale Community club as they will be glad to assist. Here is there web site -