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The Mean Grandpa Creates a Hill

It snowed a bunch last night so the Mean Grandpa went outside to shovel his driveway. The driveway was covered in a blanket of snow. Without thinking the Mean Grandpa started to shovel all the snow to the end of the driveway near the small hill in the back yard. He piled the snow as high as he could get it. Some say it was too high and it might even be dangerous for small children to slide down.

Yes, the Mean Grandpa was building the largest ever sledding hill for his young granddaughters Emma and Camryn and their cousin Cole. The Mean Grandpa continued to shovel until the hill reached higher than either of his young granddaughters. He wasn’t building it for his oldest granddaughter Sarah as she is really tall. And Wyatt was a little too old for the hill. And Colin is just a anew born. But it would still work for his grandson Cole.

Just as he finished the hill for his young granddaughters and grandson Grandma Jones came out side and said, “You Mean Old Grandpa what are you doing?”

“I am building a hill for my young granddaughters Emma and Camryn and my grandson Cole to sled down.”

Grandma Jones just walked away shaking her head as she said, “Stupid mean old man, those girls live in Arizona and by the time they get here that hill will have melted and filled the back yard.”

So the Mean Grandpa returned to his work. It was only when he was nearly finished with the hill that Sadie walked over and said, “Watchca doing Mean Grandpa?”

The Mean Grandpa said, “Building a fine sledding hill for Emma, Camryn, and Cole. Of course you can use it also. ”

That is when Sadie said, “Silly man, the girls live in Arizona.”

That is when the Mean Grandpa sat down on top of the sledding hill and began to cry because he had forgotten. You see he really misses his young granddaughters Emma and Camryn and his grandson Cole.


The Mean Grandpa Loves you too.