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Silverton Colorado Townsite - Ghost town (NOT)

Photos Courtesy of Joan and Mike Sinnwell September 2007

By no means a ghost town. This town was an important mining town in the San Juan's. It also is the county seat. The town does somewhat close down during the winter as the Durango to Silverton trains stop coming and many shops are closed. I was there in late September and it was still fairly lively. In the winter the snowboarders and skiers arrive. Talked my wife into staying on Blair Street and hanging out on our Hotel room balcony to watch the action. Nice neighbors as they shared their wine with us. Make sure you go into the buildings as many great remnants of the mining era can be seen. Like the old tin ceilings, bars and such. Beautiful artwork and woodwork.

A viewer writes - Monday, May 07, 2012  -- Does anyone in Silverton remember Jody and Teressa Booker? if so and you have an address or phone # or you talk to them, would you give them my email address and phone #/ Jody is a cousin of mine and I lost touch with them when they left Silverton. Muchly appreciate your help. My name is Gina Booker Hampton my email is  Thank you for your help.  Ph #( 970-247-8051) thank you!