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Dearfield Colorado Townsite - Ghost town

Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell 2005

This Ghost town was unique as it was an all Black farming community founded by Oliver Jackson. Oliver was referred to as "kingmaker" in some books. He was born a slave in 1862 and came to Colorado in 1887, He started his farm in the early 1890's, in 1910 he filed on 320 acres of land as a desert Claim. By 1915 there were close to 30 families living in the area and the community of Dear-Field was established.

A viewer writes - It is really unfortunate that the town of Dearfield has been abandoned and fallen into such disrepair. The lives of the men and women that lived, worked, possibly died there and their heritage is lost forever!  K. Cook

A viewer writes - I visited the West Museum this week-end in Denver. I was so astonished to learn that Dearfield, Colorado existed as well as so little information is publicly advertised about this ghosttown. I would highly recommend to all to visit this museum as well as to support the preservation of this historical part of our heritage. Lawon, Fountain,Co.

Good news July 2008

It appears that this town will be restored. At least some of it. THANKS to a donation from Hank Bailey, the Black American West Museum, Colorado Preservation Inc, and Weld county. A strong effort is underway by Executive Director of the Black American West Museum, LaWanna Larson. In case you want to donate or contact them - The Weld County Genealogical Society e-mail is:  

A viewer writes - September 2008 - My great grandfather Joe York lived in Dearfield during this time, so it is very important to our family, I will always remember this and will respect the hard time these people went through, may they rest in peace I will do what I can to help. Thank you all for your effort in all you do, to keep this alive, we must never forget. God bless you all  Charles N. York Sr.