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Unionville Nevada Townsite - Ghost town

Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell  September 2005

Mark Twain had a cabin here. It is still standing. Can you guess which photo represents his cabin?

A reader writes - Good site. When did Mark Twain pass through Unionville, Nevada? And which cabin did he have (in your photos)? My Great Great Grandfather was Francis Wheeler Blake(1828-1895). He came from Boston in 1852 and followed the Boomtowns from Weaverville CA, Carson City and Uionville(1864-1866) NV, Silver City ID, and Prescott AZ where he was Mayor. He was an Assayer and Banker. I have been to Weaverville a couple times, but would like to visit these other locations as well. Where is a good source of information for Humbolt County, NV? Thanks Alexander Portland OR

A viewer writes -  Monday February 28th 2011 -- I found your website through a google search.  I fished that canyon Unionville is in when I was a kid and remember someone pointing out a cabin, claiming that Mark Twain stayed there.  Would you know if it's an historical site?  Is it even standing at all?  Thanks, Joe McCoy