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Neosho Falls Kansas

Photos - Mike Sinnwell Aug 2015

Several years ago I was working in the mountains of Colorado near Ouray. We were preserving and restoring a mining camp with the name Neosho. When I ran across this town with this name I had to go see it. Is there a connection? Maybe.

In this case the name of the town comes from the nearby Neosho River. Settlers started arriving in this New York Indian reserve around 1857. Colonel Gross and Isaac Dow were not supposed to be there as this land was not opened to settlement by whites until after 1860. That was the year when the government opened the land for settlement. When they did the area was quickly populated and soon became a county seat. Like many other “first” county seats this one also changed hands when in 1873 the county seat was moved to Kalida. The final death blow to Neosho Falls came in 1957 when the railroad pulled out of the area.