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Cleator AZ by Lyle Clark

Sunday, November 23, 2008

On my back down from Crown King I stopped by the Cleater Bar to see what all the fuss was about. I saw in your site that this place was a ghost town. So I really had to stop by. There was no room to park in front of the Bar. I had to Park about a quarter mile away from the bar. As I walked up to the Bar I could hear music Playing and People hootin Hollaring. I saw Smoke rising in front and as I got closer I could smell the fine odor of meat being cooked over a wood fire. Out front was a band playing and People dancing in the dirt. What a site to be seen. I navagated my way into the bar and was met by the Owner Dave and His Wife Darlene. As I looked around I thought to myself sure is a lot of activity going on around here for a Ghost town. So I asked is this the way it is around here all the time. They smiled and I was filled in that this was a fund raiser for the Cleater water pipe line. They told me that the old pipe line that is used to carry water to the town is on its last leggs and the town did not have the money to get a new one put in so they decided to through one heck of a party and the proceeds would go to the Cleater water line Fund. It was a great time had by all. I took lots of photo's because if I tried to tell someone what I saw there I am sure that they would not beleive me. If I knew how to insert the photo's I would do that for your view pleasure. If you are ever going to Crown King make sure you stop by and say hello to Dave and Darlene. My Name is Lyle and I live in Peoria Arizona. E-mail(