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Ouray, Ironton, corkscrew, turntable, By Peter Silseth

Hi Mike,  I love looking at pictures of the Rockies.  Having lived in Grand Junction for 6 years we had a few times where we went up through some of the ghost towns.  I think I like California Gulch the best because there wasn't much traffic back through there.  In 1995 my wife and I returned to CO for some camping and I went hunting for the Corkscrew Gulch Turntable.  While we lived there I was never able to find it.  I wandered the hills above Ironton for some time before I came across a railroad grade that led me right to the turntable.  I shot up all the film I had and then went back down.  I also passed by the old wooden pipe that was suspended above Corkscrew Gulch.  In 2005 my wife and I hiked up to the turntable and took more pictures and noticed some changes in the turntable area.  I would be willing to send you pictures of our 1995 visit, the 2005 visit as well as some shots of Ironton.  In 2010 my wife and I drove from Ouray to Silverton the day after a snowstorm.  The mountains were glorious.  If you have interest in any of these let me know, I only ask for credit and if anyone wants a copy they could ask me.  If you're not interested, that's okay.  I appreciate what you're doing with Rocky Mountain Profiles, keep up the good work.  Peter Silseth