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Harry Frank provided these winter time photos of Central City and Nevadaville.

Hi, Mike.  I'm delighted to see that my winter Nevadaville photos are still up.  They happen to be pretty popular on my iStock stock photography site.  What the pictures do not capture is the history lesson I got from the chap who was with me, Hobart Edwards of Littleton (the "sons" in E.K. Edwards & Sons), who knows every rock in the Front Range by its first name.  Thought I'd alert you to my own recent website and my Forts of the Frontier West facebook page.  If you think that any of your regular viewers might find this to be of interest, I hope you will LIKE the facebook page and share it with your RMP viewers.  Harry Frank Ann Arbor, MI Red River, NM  

Webmaster Eric Fileti has expanded the website (, which now includes a slideshow on every fort, including a number of my favorites that didn't make it into the video.  The DVD is enjoying increased circulation.  This year we added Fort Smith, Fort Riley, Fort Phil Kearny, and Fort Union Trading Post to the roster of historic sites that are selling it in bookstores and gift shops.  And, the museum director at the U.S. Cavalry Museum at Fort Riley tells me that he's decided to run it continuously, because the first time they played it they got some immediate sales.  Michael Martin Murphey, who provided the music and narration, tells me that it's also selling well on his website (   So if you've not visited the webpage (or not visited recently) give the link a click and pay us a visit.    Harry Frank Western Impressions Photography