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Photos courtesy of Mike and Joan Sinnwell June 2008

McCarthy Alaska townsite and Ghost town

McCarthy sits at the end of the McCarthy road. That makes sense. Actually McCarthy was originally called Shushana Junction. It emerged as a miner and railroaders town. It had the normal assortment of pool halls, saloons, restaurants, and hotels. Even supported a newspaper, a dress shop, a photographers studio, hardware story and later an auto repair shop. It was really the end of the line in support of the Kennecott mine. This area was discovered and homesteaded in 1906 by John Barrett and his claim for 296 acres. He saw it as the only spot near the Kennecott mines that could support a town. He turned the grassy flat spot into a major supply and recreation stop for visitors, Kennecott employees, and gold seekers. His instincts proved accurate.

This year 2014 you could watch this town on TV….. Another reality show.