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Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell  September 2005

Belmont Mill  Nevada  - Ghost town

These pictures were taken in September of 2005. Not to be confused with the town site of Belmont. They are not even close to each other. The mill is interesting and fun to look through. Make sure you follow the cables to the end of the line if you go. Spend some time looking around as you never know what you will find over the next ridge.

The Tonopah Belmont Development Mining Company built the Belmont Mill to support the Belmont Mine in 1925. Ore was delivered to the mine by an overhead cable tram from the mine, located three and one-half miles away. The tramline is still visible.

They had to pipe water to the site from a spring two miles away near Hamilton.  As you walk through the mill you can almost hear and see all the belts, pulleys, shafts, and wheels turning, pounding and shrieking out as the ore is processed. All the equipment was run using flat belts.

Numerous buildings still remain standing in along with the mill.  They appear to be the mill office, the superintendent’s home, and the boarding house. Make sure you wander the hills as each rise has another adventure waiting.  Maybe ore charts, boilers, or a steam engine.

Look close and maybe you will see the picture of the green monster.