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Photos taken by Joan and Mike Sinnwell September 2012

Medicine Wheel Wyoming Sacred Site

I must admit that I have wanted to visit this religious site for quite some time. My first attempt failed as the area was covered in several feet of snow and all entrance was blocked off. This time I finally got there. If you go, be prepared for a hike. Probably a little over a mile one way. Also take your time unless you are used to hiking at 10,000 feet. Handicap can drive to the site.

Some history - Members of the Crow tribe, who have long used the Medicine Wheel for rituals, ascribe its creation to a boy named Burnt Face. According to the story, the boy fell into a fire as a baby and was severely scarred.

When Burnt Face reached his teen years, he went on a vision quest in the mountains, where he fasted and built the medicine wheel. During his quest, he helped drive away an animal who attacked baby eaglets. In return, he was carried off by an eagle and his face was made smooth.

The medicine wheel is still used today for vision quests and sacred ceremonies. While we were at the site several Native Americans came and entered the wheel to perform their personal ceremonies.