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Round Barn Kansas

Photos Mike Sinnwell August-2015

So I am tooling down the highway and I see a sign that says “Round Barn” with an arrow leading towards a gravel road. I could not resist. Sort of reminded me of my Dad. He would always take a detour for an interesting sign. My Mom would sigh and tolerate the side trip.

The Fromme-Birney Round Barn, south of Mullinville, Kansas was  Built in 1912. The building stands 50 feet tall, 70 feet diameter, and has 16 sides. The barn was built to hold draft horses. As the working horses were replaced by tractors, the "round" barn was used to store hay. Look close in the photos and you can see new and old technology in use with windmills.

I had never seen a round barn before and once inside I could see the advantages. I also was not surprised to see the donation jar sitting in the open without armed guards. Yippee, welcome to mid America where you leave your doors unlocked and your keys in your car.