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I have never been called a trend setter.


Anyone that knows me can vouch for that. They will tell you the combinations of clothes and the colors I wear are not always matching. I blame it on being somewhat color blind. My wife would say I just don't give a _ _ _ _. Well, she says I don't care.

 I don't drive the fanciest cars, or the fastest. I live in a modest house. I eat at home or local hometown restaurants. I shovel my own driveway, mow my own lawn, OK, my wife actually likes to do that, but I do fertilize the lawn and do the trimming. I have my own compost for my wife's flowers, and of course I even do some of the housework. I feed all the local birds and squirrels for my own personal enjoyment, too, but that is another story. Like Fishing for Squirrels.

 It is easy to see I do not hob-nob with the Kardashians.

Well, I may just have hit the big time. I have invented Driveway Art. As with most great inventions it happens like a bolt of lightning. You don't start out to invent something. It just sort of leaps out at you and you might not even notice. That happened to me today. As many of you know it has been snowing every couple days here in Niwot. Not the blizzards that I remember from my Iowa and Minnesota days but the usual Colorado snow. Light and fluffy with little moisture. Typically arriving overnight, the stuff is easy to shovel, but annoying because it is a never ending cycle. Snow, shovel, snow, shovel, snow, shovel--and on and on. On the other hand, I do need the exercise.

This morning as I opened the garage and grabbed my shovel I thought, "Why am I doing this? I don't plan to go anywhere and it will probably warm up and melt the snow in the driveway and sidewalks." That is what usually happens with any snowfall. A deeper thought crept into my mind as I pushed through the first pile of snow, "What if I made a design in the driveway?"

So, with multiple shovels of different sizes and shapes I created a snowflake design in the driveway. Just as I stopped to admire my work, a couple went by walking their LARGE dog. They actually stopped to admire my art. Comments like, "nice design, that looks like fun, we should do that" were heard. Then when a man passed by with his golden retriever and hollered out, "Good design!" I knew I had hit the big time.

I wanted to take a picture for you but I did not have my phone and I did not want to track into the house. So, maybe later, well no because it is already melting. You will have to wait till next snowfall.

 For now, I am off to wander the neighbor hood to see who else has picked up the trend.