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Turret Colorado Townsite - Ghost town

Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell 2006

Not sure why, but several people had asked me about Turret Colorado lately. Well, that was enough to get me to go there. You can even get there in a rental car. That is if you know how to do it. Turret is a mix of new and old. I took pictures of the old. Many buildings / cabins for sale. Some fixed up some needing fixing up. Beautiful 360 degree views from above Turret. Don't forget to stop at the marble mine on the way.

Apparently this town had about 600 people in the early 1900's. Emil Becker's Sample room Saloon, although rebuilt,  is still standing.

A viewer writes 12/2008 - actually went to turret as a kid, my grand father knew the previous owners. very cool to see what's going on there.

A viewer writes - Thursday, January 08, 2009 - Turret was purchased in about 2001 and has been re-subdivided. Modern mountain homes are being built on the site, and the land for these homes has been cleared of old ghost town structures. The people that have purchased these lots seemed to have little sense of the history of Turret. It is too bad to lose another Colorado Ghost town.

A viewer writes -  Sunday, July 18, 2010  Welcome to your Turret home! We are one of those folks with a "For Sale" sign on our lot. Affordable lot in gorgeous Turret. Live in a revived ghost town in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, 12 miles from Salida. Driveway in, flat area for your home; incredible rock outcroppings. Off-grid, cell and Internet reception ok. Year round access. Ski, fish, bike, hike, raft, kayak–close by. This is a nice lot and the owners have priced it aggressively. Now is the time to buy while sellers are very motivated. Please contact me if you might like a place in an authentic Colorado ghost town! Jeanine Jeanine Zeman, Broker First Colorado Land Office Direct: 719-207-3412 Office: 719-539-6682, 800-727-0507 Fax: 719-539-6685  

A viewer writes - Monday October 22nd, 2012 -- Modern homes- what other kind would we build? The people in Turret love the town site and the history and have not destroyed any buildings. People took "barn wood" out of there years ago.

A viewer writes -- Saturday, July 05, 2014 -- My husband and I bought 3 lots in Turret. Our first lot had the original house on it and it was falling down. We restored the outside of it to the original photo we found in the book Among the columbines. The building department shut down our project. We were not able to put the porch on it. Everyone in Turret has kept every structure that was not carried off piece by piece in arrested decay as the building department will not allow anyone here to put back what was ones in Turret. All the people here can tell anyone about the history of Turret we do have rules in place to keep the original appearance of Turret, log cedar board on board ect. So before you judge the people who have built a new home and live in Turret you should be thank full that we are here because there are still old structures here that have not been carried away board by board and made into a picture frame. Besides a great place to live, there are hiking trails, the proposed Browns Canyon Wilderness Study Area, Bike Trails, great views of the mountains. Come visit. Have a great day. Peggy

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