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Misc old photos from Colorado from Elaine Christiansen

Gothic near Crested Butte

Several Crested Butte photos

Pueblo Flood 1921

Hello Mike, Since we last communicated, some months ago I have acquired scans from a very old family photo album.  Here are a few photos taken from that album.  I don't know if they are of any interest to you or if you have any historical information regarding these events/people/or places.  This album contains many tintypes as well as simply very old photos and we are thrilled to have them, alas, few have identities telling us who some of these charming children are that were photographed in a "studio" setting.

Thank you for whatever light you can shed on any of these photos.  You seem to be such an expert in "all things Colorado".

Regards,  Elaine Shake Christiansen 30 South Overlook Road Liberty Lake, WA 99019 Cell:  509-979-6267 Email: