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Please enjoy the Ghost Towns and RESPECT their importance.

"Rocky Mountain Profiles is an awesome site - definitely deserving of the Old West Award."

Everyone's Definition for a Ghost Town is different.  I had a Colorado resident write in and say, "Ouray Colorado for example is not a ghost town by a long shot”.

I wrote back with this response.  "I would tend to agree with that statement if your definition of a  ghost town is an abandon town. Several of the sites like Leadville, Creede, Empire, Georgetown etc are similar to Ouray. On my site I refer to Ghost Towns rather liberally. Basically it can be any town involved in mining or agricultural activity that went thru various cycles of boom and bust and/or towns that are important to the history of Colorado and the old west. I apologize if I have offended you”.

Likewise - please forgive me if my Ghost Towns do not measure up to your definition.