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Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell  September 2005

Ione Nevada Townsite - Ghost town

My parents grew up around a town called Ionia. So when I discovered this ghost town in Nevada I had to go see it.

Iona was more of a trade and milling center for the area. Silver was discovered here in 1863 by P.A. Havens. In 1864 Nye county was organized in Nevada and the members of the Ione community petitioned and were granted the county seat. They received a whopping grant of $800 to build a courthouse. This is truly a boom and bust town. Boom in 1864, bust in 1867, boom in 1896 with the construction of a new mill, bust in 98 when silver value dropped, boom in 1912 with discovery of cinnabar bust in 1914.        

A viewer writes - Thursday November 10th 2011 -- Mike when I visited Ione I found a 7th grade math/science book in the green house you have pictured. I wonder if its still there? Im teds280z from Great site you have and excellent pics