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Yampa Colorado Townsite - Ghost town

Photos courtesy of Mike Sinnwell June 2009

Yampa Colorado should be an excellent jumping off point for a trip to see the aspens in the fall. Numerous roads leading into and out of town offering a chance to see the fall colors. The native Americans hunted and gathered food here for centuries before homesteaders reached the area in 1881. Thanks to the Utes and their "Shining Mountains" we still have footsteps to follow.

At one time Yampa boasted 9 saloons, 2 banks, 2 churches and 2 real-estate offices promoting the town. In the early 1900's a new rail line transported goods, cattle, lettuce, spinach, and lumber to market. Today agriculture still is the economic engine.

Apparently the area was originally named Egeria Park for the mythological water nymph Egeria who lived in a place of extreme beauty. The lodge is Egeria Lodge 167. When settlers arrived they named their town Yampa after the native plant. Apparently the population has remained fairly stable in recent years at about 400. Many buildings have been renovated and are in excellent condition. The town is neat and obviously the residents take pride in their town. One of the homes sort of reminded me of the house on the hill in the movie Psycho.

A viewer writes - Saturday, September 08, 2012  -- I worked in Yampa CO around 1982, 1983.  Lived at the finger rock hatchery.  Is that still around?  Did creel census work at the Bear and Stillwater reservoirs for Colo Div of Wildlife.  Grew up in CO but hadn't been there prior.  Beautiful area - fun job.  Spent my whole summer fishing and exploring surrounding places.  One memory is working with a former Mr America named Vic Tanny Jr - the hatchery boss.  Whatever happened to him?  I'm Ken Ortiz.  For anyone who shared these experiences with me, I'm at

A viewer writes - Friday August 9th 2013 -- I grew up in Yampa in the Yampa Garage building that you have several photos of.  My dad bought it in 1976.  The part that looks like it is attached to the Antlers Bar is the original Antlers Hotel built in 1899.  The middle section of the hotel was built in 1902 and the garage in the 50's.  The first section of the hotel caught fire in 1952.  It burned half of the 2nd story.  If you go around back, you can see the cut off top behind the false front.  After the fire, the original hotel upstairs was re-roofed, but never repaired.  The melted wallpaper is still hanging on the walls!  You can see on the front outside where they used the siding from the half circle decorative Antlers Hotel Sign to board up the two windows and balcony door on the second story.  You can still see the writing.  We lived in the middle section (1902).  One room still has the door with a number on it.  My dad recently passed away.  My sister and I inherited this property.  We are currently getting it cleaned up to put it on the market.  We are hoping that someone with a love of historical buildings will buy it and restore it to its original glory. Contact Jennifer Heinze

Rocky says It sounds like a great opportunity for someone..